Play Safe with Betway’s Responsible Gaming Settings

Sometimes, losing streaks can encourage the development of bad gaming habits. But, by using Betway's Responsible Gaming tools, you can keep yourself in check.

author By Rob McLauchlan on 11/11/2021

Above all else, online gaming is entertainment. But, sometimes, winning streaks fool us into thinking that we can beat the odds. So, when the inevitable losing streak comes, we can lose control.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of – we’re all human, after all. But, it’s important to stay on top of your gambling habits so that they don’t become problem behaviours. On Betway, you have access to several responsible gambling tools that’ll do just that.

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about these tools, as well as Betway’s responsible gaming disclosures. Let’s get right into it.

Tips From Betway

Betway offers numerous ways to regulate your gaming. But, before trying them out, they offer several tips that’ll help any gamer stay in check. According to Betway, you should:

  • Set a limit and stay within it.
  • Always track the time & money you spend whilst gaming.
  • Be aware that slots, roulette balls, and cards have no memory. All results are random – a roulette wheel is never “overdue” to hit red/black, for example.

Betway’s Responsible Gambling Policy

As promised, we’ll talk about Betway’s responsible gambling tools. But, before we do, we strongly advise you to check out this site’s formal Responsible Gambling Policy.

Don’t worry – unlike their Terms & Conditions, it’s not an unreadable mess. Within, they offer resources that’ll help you evaluate your playing habits. And, if you happen to embody problem gambling behaviours, they disclose organisations that’ll get you the help you need.

They also detail how they prevent underage gaming. By requiring official documentation on occasion, Betway ensures that nobody under the legal gaming age can create an account, deposit, or withdraw.

Betway Responsible Gambling Tools

To successfully manage your online gaming, you need to measure it. And, if your behaviours are becoming problematic, barriers to gameplay need to be accessible. Betway’s responsible gaming tools offer both of these capabilities. Below, we’ll discuss the available options.

Session Reminders

Time can be a slippery fish, especially when you’re gaming. That’s normal – we often get into flow states when doing something engaging. But, if online gaming is crowding out everything else (e.g., time with family), then we strongly advise tracking your sessions.

By using Betway’s Session Reminders, the software will remind you of how long you’ve been online. This way, you can avoid losing track of time.

Deposit Limits

When things don’t go so well, the temptation to chase losses can be immense. To prevent a big L from becoming a catastrophic one, we strongly recommend setting deposit limits. In your Betway account settings, you can limit your daily, weekly, and monthly deposits.

Additionally, to protect against rash decision-making, Betway imposes a 24-hour cooling-off period when raising or removing deposit limits.


Sometimes, only a break from the tables can cure your tilted mind. Or, perhaps, you need to focus on other pressing matters, such as exams. In both situations, we recommend setting a self-exclusion period.

Periods ranging from 24 hours to 30 days are available. However, if your issue is serious, ask for an indefinite exclusion. This block lasts a minimum of six months, and, upon expiry, auto-renews for an additional six months.

During these times, you will be unable to log into your account. When lifting an indefinite block, Betway will also apply an additional cooling-off period of seven days.

Online Gaming Should be a Fun Hobby

Few hobbies deliver the excitement that online gaming can. But, if you lose perspective, this activity can cause significant personal/financial problems. By using Betway’s responsible gambling tools, you’ll maximise your chances of staying in control.

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