The Best and Worst Eurovision Countries Revealed

author By Rob McLauchlan on 11/05/2021

Dating back to 1956, the Eurovision Song contest has attracted participation from 52 countries, with around 40 countries taking part in the most recent competitions.

And the Crown goes to…

You name it, Ireland! After first taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965, it has accumulated a total of 7 wins, allowing it to claim the top spot. Though, it’s clear the competition is close, as Sweden falls closely behind with 6 wins, so, if Ireland wants to keep its crown, it best pull something out of the bag.

Successful Eurovision Countries

Out of all of the countries that take part in Eurovision, 10 have managed to steal the crown more than once, with Germany only just making it as a member of the ‘Big 10’ with 2 wins in total.

Last Time Since a Euro Win

While Ireland has achieved the most wins, its last win dates back to 1996; which suggests it could be at risk of being overthrown from the crown. The most recent win comes from the Netherlands, and, with 5 wins in total, it has the potential to climb its way to the top spot. By the looks of it, Spain really needs to kick it up a notch, since their last win was over 50 years ago in 1969, and their victory really faded into insignificance since that was the year of Apollo 10.

latest winners

Most Talented Eurovision Countries

Just because Ireland has claimed the most wins, doesn’t make it the most talented country. In fact, the UK has been the receiver of the most first-place votes, and takes joint-second place with France for the number of finals made. Ireland, however, comes in at 4th place for both of these. The only reason Ireland has been able to claim more wins is because, by the time it made its way to 45 finals, its ratio of maximum points was higher than the UK and France, enabling it to claim more wins.

most successful countries

Looking at the ratio of maximum points, this places Australia as the most talented country, since it achieved more maximum points in the 5 finals it made it to. This means that, while Australia have only been in 5 finals, compared to the 62 finals attended by the UK and France, it accrued more points than each country respectively.

Track Record of Failure

Eurovision worst countries

Get your violins at the ready…unfortunately, maximum points can’t be awarded to all, in fact, some countries have been known to receive no points whatsoever. Sadly, for Norway, they take the lead as the country with the biggest history of failure, with 4 null points in total. Though, while most null points date back to the 20th century, both Germany and Austria broke the trend, both receiving null points in 2015.

nil point songs

Eurovision Best Friends

Best friends aren’t just for people, they’re for countries too. Year on year, the political nature of Eurovision comes out to play and countries often vote for their best pal rather than the most talented. Sticking together like glue, it’s clear that Greece and Cyprus have each other’s backs, though it does look like Cyprus is more committed to the long-term friendship, since they have given maximum points 7 more times than Greece have to Cyprus.

loyal countries

Points Required to Win

Since only 7 countries participated in Eurovision in its first year, the points required to win were much less than in recent years, with only 31 points needed in 1957. Compared to 498 points in 2019, it’s clear that the competition is much tougher, and perhaps shows that those who have won Eurovision recently; Serbia, Austria, Italy, and Sweden, for example, could be deemed more talented than those who won in the early days of the competition.

points required to win

It’s clear that Eurovision has attracted larger amounts of attention over the years, and, now that the competition is tougher, Ireland better watch out, as their top spot may be at risk.

Data used in this campaign has been analysed form the Eurovision Song Contest finale votes from 1956 to 2020.

Each infographic displays the following data:
– Eurovision Loyalties: How many times each country has been placed first by other countries, i.e. received maximum points.
– Every Nil Point Song: All the songs that have received zero point in the competition’s history.
– Most Talented Countries: Calculating each country total points over the competition’s history.
– Points Required to Win: looking at the total wining points in the competition’s history, we calculated how many points it would take to win every year since as more countries are added.
– Most Successful Eurovision Countries: data based on number of wins by each country.
– Time Since Last Crown: Data taken from time of last win.
– Track Record of Failures: Data based on countries that have received nil points over the competition history.
– All data was sourced from

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