Safer Gambling with Deposit Limits at William Hill

Gaming isn't without its risks. Thankfully, with William Hill's responsible gambling tools, you can protect your bankroll and time.

author By Rob McLauchlan on 06/04/2021

In online gaming, you can’t always win – losing comes with the territory. But we won’t deny reality – losing sucks. And it’s not just losing – it’s how it happens. You burn through your deposit without winning a single spin. Whatever colour you bet on, the other one comes.

Cold streaks can lead to risky behaviour – like chasing losses. Thankfully, there are ways to protect yourself on William Hill.

In this blog, we’ll run through their responsible gambling tools – let’s go!

Deposit Limits

Online gaming is entertainment. And just like any entertainment expense, you should set a budget. Conveniently, William Hill allows you to set monthly, weekly, or daily deposit limits. This way, the site will not allow you to upload funds beyond a certain point – smart.

Product Blocking

Many of our readers love wagering on sports. However, a last-minute, heartbreaking loss can lead some to chase their losses. When agitated, a few blackjack rounds can flush your bankroll down the toilet.

Want to protect yourself against this? Contact customer support, and they can block access to other William Hill products. These include the William Hill Casino, poker, bingo, and their live dealer casino. However, do note that blocking is not available for sports betting, virtual betting, or lottery games.

Session Timing

Time flies when you’re in the zone. Sometimes, however, gaming can take a bit too much time away from our families, work, and hobbies. If you find yourself doing this, no worries – you can use William Hill’s responsible gambling tools to manage session time.

Reach your set time limit, and a reminder pop-up will appear. At this point, you can log off or choose to continue playing.

Time Outs/Self-Exclusion

Sometimes, you’ll want to take an extended break from gaming. Let’s say you’re a student that needs to study for exams – by setting a time out, you can take gaming temptations off the table. Time outs are available for up to six weeks.

Burned out and frustrated? Then consider applying for self-exclusion – this will give you six months or more away from gaming.

Stay in Control

Gaming should be fun. When the fun stops, stop. William Hill’s responsible gaming tools make this task easy.

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