Keep Your Gaming Hobby Healthy with Mr Green’s Green Gaming

Gaming should always be fun. But, sometimes, a cold streak can ruin things, By using Mr. Green’s Responsible Gaming tools, you can keep your head on straight when things go pear-shaped.

author By Rob McLauchlan on 30/11/2021

The possibility of a big payoff is what gives online gaming its allure. But, at the end of the day, it’s just entertainment. If you could make consistent money from sites like Mr. Green, casinos would go out of business. But, we can forget that sometimes. When we do, we’re at risk of slipping into problematic gaming behaviours.

That’s why Mr. Green established Green Gaming, their responsible gambling initiative. This resource is a suite of responsible gaming and educational tools – all rolled into one.

In this article, we’ll talk about everything this programme has to offer. Let’s get started.

The Green Gaming Tool

Mr. Green has the ambition to be one of the top gaming brands in the industry. As such, they take responsible gaming quite seriously. So much so, that they’ve created their own app.

The Green Gaming app provides players with a self-assessment quiz. Based on their answers, they’ll get suggestions from the app on how to game more responsibly.

Responsible Gambling Tips from Mr. Green

On the Green Gaming website, Mr. Green also offers several tips on how to gamble responsibly. Here are a few highlights:

  • Play because it’s fun – online gaming should be entertainment. It is not a way to make money.
  • Stick to a predefined time/money budget – when you exceed them, stop playing.
  • Losing is part of the game – take it in stride. If you can’t, take a break from gaming.
  • Alcohol/drugs and gaming don’t mix. Never gamble under the influence.

Mr. Green’s Responsible Gambling Tools

When it comes to troublesome gaming behaviours, nobody is immune. So, to stay safe, we strongly recommend using the responsible gaming tools that Mr. Green provides. Here’s what you’ll have at your disposal.

Activity Checks

When you’re having fun, time can easily slip away. Left unchecked, this engrossing hobby can steal time away from other life priorities, like family. To avoid this, we strongly recommend turning on Mr. Green’s Activity Checks.

At regular intervals (e.g., one hour), a dialogue box will remind you how long you’ve been gaming. This simple act is more effective than you think – by snapping you out of a flow state, you can end a session before it consumes too much time.

Deposit & Loss Limits

Sometimes, Lady Luck isn’t in the mood. When this happens, losses can come hard & fast. To be clear, this is all part of gaming, but many of us take it too personally. So, we end up chasing losses, which can extend them even further.

Avoid this scenario by taking advantage of Mr. Green’s Deposit Limits and Loss Limits. Deposit limits prevent you from depositing more than a set amount per day, per week, or per month. Meanwhile, loss limits function like stop losses. When you lose a specific amount, Mr. Green will not allow you to play more games until a set time.

Take a Break/Self-Exclusion

Sometimes, losses can get so bad that gaming is no longer fun. When this happens, we recommend taking a break from the tables. On Mr. Green, you can lock access to your account for periods ranging from one to thirty days.

But what if your gaming problems go beyond a bad case of tilt? If you need time to sort through your gambling habits, you can self-exclude yourself from Mr. Green. These blocks can last six months to five years, or indefinitely (auto-renews every six months).

Keep Online Gaming Safe & Fun

Few hobbies can match the thrills that online gaming can provide. But occasionally, losing and winning streaks can warp our sense of reality. By making use of Mr. Green’s responsible gambling tools, you can stay safe whilst having fun.

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