Jada Gaming Reveals… Jada Brain

author by Rob McLauchlan on 26/07/2021

Alberto Alfieri, Jada Gaming co-founder talks to BonusFinder.com about the company's latest innovation, helping businesses optimise operations in the iGaming space

BonusFinder: Tell us about the Jada Brain modular design…

Alberto Alfieri: For a gaming business to thrive in a global industry constantly growing, it must be adaptable. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't cut it for this industry as there are too many nuances when it comes to companies and regulated markets.

Jada Brain is designed with modules that are independently configurable and according to the demand of each operator. This means they can create a solution that's been selected for the exact requirements to ensure business success. Flexibility and optionality drive all of Jada's modular design. The modular approach makes it a comprehensive tool where each part tackles a problem that has been personally faced.

BF: What is Jada Affiliate?

AA: It is a platform that uses the core technologies of Jada Brain but built specifically for affiliates. It scrapes operator sites and back offices and applies Machine Learning to optimise the placement and deal structure.

BF: How do you implement your player protection - does it address the player directly, or is it about alerting the operator so their existing technique can be employed?

AA: We don't have access to personal player details and we work in partnership with operators to help them better understand their players' behaviour. Our module automates this process so that when a player at risk is detected the operator receives the information via our platform, so that the operator can then act with the identified players.

Operators must do all they can to protect players by creating socially responsible experiences that prevent them from the harms of addictive gambling. AI provides an uncompromising and independent way to keep players safe in a proactive way, instead of traditional self-exclusion and self-imposed reactive methods.

The Jada Brain has its own Responsible Gaming engine that uses an algorithm to determine a player's risk of becoming a problem gambler. Once a risk is identified it assigns an appropriate player rating so operators can step in before the situation deteriorates.

BF: Where is AI heading in the future? What can the industry expect, and how far away is this?

AA: AI will only grow in influence in the online casino and sports betting space. There will be incremental changes, albeit these will happen quickly. It will result in more and more tasks being handled by AI and more functions becoming automated. Before long the majority of what a user sees on gambling sites will be highly personalised thanks to AI, from the layout of the page to the images, colours and wording that is displayed.