Game Safely with Unibet’s Responsible Gaming Settings

Sometimes, our gaming habits can get problematic. By using Unibet's Responsible Gaming tools, you can keep your hobby healthy.

author By Rob McLauchlan on 19/07/2021

For most, gaming is a source of entertainment. Even though losses come with the territory, a big win could always be around the corner. However, sometimes, those wins don’t come. Many of you take a break when this happens, but some continue to chase their losses in a bid to get even.

When this happens, gaming can become a problem behaviour. Fortunately, Unibet is one of the industry leaders in responsible gaming. They provide tools that allow gamers to manage their hobby so that it doesn’t negatively affect their life.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the responsible gaming settings that Unibet offers its players.

Keeping Things Fun

Sometimes, when we’re in the gaming zone, we don’t realise things are no longer fun. Every 30, 60, or 90 minutes, Unibet’s Reality Check lets you know how much you’ve won/lost, and how long you’ve been gaming.

You can also take a quick survey to gauge where your head’s at. Based on your answers, Unibet will offer suggestions if your gaming attitude has taken a worrying turn.

Limiting Your Play

We’ll just say it – losing streaks suck. But if you end up chasing your losses, things can get so much worse. Thankfully, Unibet offers tools that’ll protect you from your worst impulses.

Of these, Deposit Limits are the most important. These settings allow you to set a gaming allowance for yourself. Once in place, it’ll stop you from depositing more than your 24 hours, 7 days, or 30-days limit.

Sometimes, certain games can pose dangers for players. For instance, some sports bettors, after losing a bet last-minute, head to the blackjack tables to try and recoup their loss. By setting a Product Block, you can prevent a costly detour after a disappointing setback.

Walking Away From the Tables

Sometimes, you’re so tilted, that only time away from the tables will restore your mental balance. To aid you in this effort, Unibet offers Time Outs and Self-Exclusion options.

Time Outs allow for up to a six-week break from gaming. During this time, you will not be able to log into your account. After your Time Out period elapses, you’ll be allowed in again as usual. So, if you’re tilted or just need to study for exams, Time Outs work well enough.

However, if your gaming has become problematic, a longer break will be necessary. In this case, we advise self-excluding yourself from Unibet (and other UK gaming sites via GAMSTOP). If you opt for a Self Exclusion, you’ll be blocked from accessing your account for six months to five years. After this period has elapsed, you’ll need to talk to customer support before they’ll allow you to access your account again.

Online Gaming Should Be a Fun Hobby

On occasion, gaming losses can get the better of us. By proactively using Unibet’s Responsible Gaming tools, you can keep your gaming hobby fun.

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