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Gaming should be a fun hobby. However, it can trigger worrying behaviour in some individuals. But, by being aware of 888 Responsible Gaming tools, they can keep these habits in check.

author By Rob McLauchlan on 03/01/2022

Gaming is a great way to inject excitement into your free time. But for some, this activity may be viewed as a profitable venture. Whilst one can win in the short term, the odds favour the house over time.

That means that eventually, even those with beginner’s luck will experience a losing streak. When this happens, these gamers may adopt worrisome behaviours, like chasing losses. Unfortunately, without intervention, these habits can lead to serious real-life consequences.

Situations like these can happen to anyone. So, when gaming on 888, it helps to be aware of their responsible gaming resources. In this blog, we’ll run down the tools they have on offer.

Measures Against Underage Gambling

Despite what they may think, those under 18 lack the life experience needed to play games of chance safely. So, to help protect underagers in your care, 888 provides links to filtering software. In addition to this, 888 Casino also offers the following tips:

  • Don’t leave your gaming client open around unattended minors.
  • Protect your 888 account with a strong password. Also, please do not leave this password where your children can easily find it.
  • Educate your kids on the risks of online gaming.

Are You a Compulsive Gamer?

Thanks to difficult-to-overcome biases, it can be exceedingly difficult to recognise whether you are a compulsive gamer. But in their Responsible Gaming section, 888 reminds you of the following truths:

  • Gaming is entertainment. You cannot use it to make money or pay off bills.
  • The odds always favour the house. Thus, over the long term, you will lose money. There is no secret strategy that will help you overcome this.

Knowing this, 888 reminds you never to chase losses, be aware of your spending, and always know the rules of any game you play.

Deposit Limits

However, even the most cautious gamer can hit a bad run of luck. When this happens, they can go on tilt and lose far more than anticipated. To avoid this scenario, 888 offers the ability to limit your deposits.

Do this by first defining what an acceptable loss is. This number is the amount you can afford to lose without it affecting other areas of your life. After arriving at it, contact 888 Customer Support, and they’ll set up daily, weekly, or monthly limits for you.

Game Time Reminder

In the flow of gaming, time can fly by. But when it steals time away from your other hobbies or family/work commitments, this can become problematic.

Because of this, 888 recommends setting up a Game Time Reminder. To do this, go into your Settings and input the period you wish to play a certain game. When this time elapses, a pop-up will remind you to quit.

“Take A Break” & Self-Exclusion Periods

Sometimes, life intervenes, or gaming is no longer fun. When this happens, you can “take a break” from 888 casino games.

These periods last from 24 hours to six weeks – during them, you will not be able to game on 888 Casino. However, note that this block will NOT apply to other 888 sites, like 888 Poker or 888 Sport.

However, your gaming issues may run deeper than that. If you need to take a longer break, 888 recommends self-excluding yourself. Take this route, and you’ll be blocked from 888 gaming sites for at least six months.

To make your self-exclusion more effective, 888 also recommends registering with GAMSTOP. Doing this will prevent you from creating new accounts on sites licensed in Great Britain.

Game Responsibly on 888

By staying on top of your gaming habits, you can ensure it remains a safe hobby. To do this, use the tools described in this blog – and remember, always prioritise fun at the tables.

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