Game Responsibly on Leovegas with Leosafeplay

Gaming should be exciting. But sometimes, losing can encourage dangerous behaviours. But by using the responsible gaming tools on LeoVega’s Leosafeplay, you can protect yourself from them.

author By Rob McLauchlan on 09/05/2022

Gaming should always be fun. But when winning stops, problem gaming behaviours can surface. Some try to chase their losses by playing higher stakes, a strategy that’ll only deepen their problems in the long run.

Despite the possibility of short-term success, the odds favour the house. Because of this, you should always treat gaming as entertainment and not as a way to make money. But, in the moment, it can be easy to forget this.

LeoVegas realises that some of their players can slip into worrisome gaming patterns. That’s why they’ve created Leosafeplay, a programme that promotes healthy gambling behaviours. Below, we’ll talk about the tools that Leosafeplay offers its gamers.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Before beginning any session, Leosafeplay recommends completing a Self-Assessment questionnaire. In doing so, this tool will present you with a series of statements. Then, you’ll get feedback based on your replies.

By doing this, you’ll be able to curtail problem behaviours before they become habits.

Deposit/Loss/Wagering Limits

However, even if you start a session clear-headed, things can go south quickly. So, to protect yourself against tilt’s worst ravages, LeoVegas recommends setting deposit, loss, and wagering limits.

Deposit limits restrict the amount you can deposit in a given time frame. Loss limits prevent you from gambling more than you can afford to lose. And wagering limits put a cap on the amount of cash you can risk over a certain period.

For the above three options, you can set daily, weekly, and monthly limits. Using these tools are crucial, as we can all lose control in specific circumstances.

Time Alert/Session Limit

Our time is more valuable than money – once it’s spent, we can never get it back. But when gaming, the hours can fly by. Sure, you may have enjoyed yourself, but extended sessions can negatively impact your hobbies, work, and relationships in the long term.

So, we recommend using Leosafeplay’s time management tools. By enabling Reality Check and session limits, you can prevent gaming from consuming too much of your time.

But, how do these tools work? Time Alert will let you know how long you’ve been gaming and how much you’ve won/lost at regular intervals.

However, if you need a more robust tool, set up a session limit instead. Once the session limit is about to expire, it’ll warn you. And when it expires, it’ll log you out of your account.

Player History

Let’s face it: in the fog of gaming competition, it’s easy to lose track of things. For this reason, check-in regularly with Leosafeplay’s Player History. This log tracks deposits, withdrawals, pending sports wagers, and net wins/losses.

If you’re going off the rails, the evidence will be impossible to ignore.

Time Outs

At some point, you may need a break. For example, maybe you need to spend more time offline, or a losing streak has begun to affect you.

No matter the reason, Leosafeplay offers Time Outs. They range from 24 hours to six months (or more) in length. If you have a serious need for self-exclusion, we also recommend registering with GAMSTOP. By doing this, you’ll be unable to create new accounts on UK-licensed online casinos.

Game Responsibly on LeoVegas

For most, online gaming is an exciting hobby. But sometimes, losing can test the resolve of even the most patient gambler. By using LeoVegas’s Leosafeplay tools, you can stay safe whilst gaming on this online gambling site.

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