Enjoy Playing on 32Red, but Be Responsible

In this post, we run down all the responsible gambling options that are available at 32Red. From deposit limits to self-exclusion, there are many ways to manage your play on this leading UK online casino.

author By Rob McLauchlan on 06/04/2022

The internet has given us access to an unlimited number of casinos like 32Red. So, with online betting being more convenient than ever, it’s important to know how to gamble responsibly.

32Red is a leading online casino in the UK market. And, as such, it offers responsible gaming options that allow you to set limits on your spending and time played. In this blog, we’ll run down all the options you’ll have at your disposal.

What responsible gaming options are available at 32Red?

32Red is one of the most responsible gambling operators in the UK. And so, players who open an account at 32Red can set a variety of limits on deposits, time spent playing, and so on. Because of this, you can enjoy your favourite games without worrying about things going off the rails.

So, what responsible gaming options does 32Red offer? We’ve listed all the tools they offer below:

Deposit Limits

Sometimes, a run of bad luck early on will have you reaching for your charge card. In these cases, it’s all too easy to chase losses. However, 32Red lets you set a limit on the amount you can deposit per day, per week, or per month.

However, be aware that, when revising these limits downwards, it’ll take 24 hours to take effect. For this reason, set these limits well in advance of a big gaming session.

Session Reminders

This setting allows you to set limits on the amount of time you spend gambling. But it isn’t a hard cap – once an hour (or whatever time period you set), it’ll remind you of how long you’ve been gaming.

Online Activity Statement

Select this option, and it’ll show you much time you’ve spent playing every day, and how much you’ve spent. By enabling this, you’ll be better able to spot troublesome patterns as they develop.


And lastly, there’s the option of self-exclusion. This allows players to block themselves from 32Red for a set period of time, which can help you stay offline when you’re tilted or busy with life events.

Officially called “Take a Break”, you can block yourself from logging in for periods ranging from 24 hours to six weeks.

Other Tools

But, that’s not all the tools that 32Red offers. They also offer a site called TakeTimeToThink.co.uk, which educates new gamers on responsible gaming in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.

Lastly, they offer resources that allow gamers to seek help if their gaming habits (or the gaming habits of a loved one) have become problematic.

Enjoy your gaming sessions, but when the fun stops, stop

If your gaming has stopped being fun, the tools described above can help. From deposit limits to session reminders, these responsible game-playing features will ensure you’ll have fun without overdoing it.

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