Enjoy Gaming Safely with Partycasino’s Responsible Gaming Settings

Sometimes, when gaming, our impulses can get the better of us But, by using PartyCasino's Responsible Gaming tools, you can protect yourself from, um... yourself.

author By Rob McLauchlan on 14/10/2021

Online gaming should be fun. But on occasion, we can get carried away. And when this happens, dangerous habits can form. No one is immune.

Because of this, you need to stay on top of your gaming habits. The best online casinos take responsible gaming very seriously. And so, we’re not surprised that PartyCasino has an excellent suite of tools designed to keep gambling fun.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the ways PartyCasino makes it easier to game responsibly.

Help Prevent Underage Gaming

Before starting your next session, we strongly advise taking a look at PartyCasino’s “Responsible Gaming” section. Here, you’ll learn about all the tools you’ll have at your disposal. But, at the top, they also impress upon readers the importance of preventing underage gambling.

At ages below 18, young minds are still developing. As such, they cannot assess risk effectively, so they must not be allowed to play on your account.

To keep your kids safe, PartyCasino offers tips such as:

  • Use Child Protection software (e.g., Cybersitter) to bar access to online gaming sites
  • Keep your bank/credit card details away from prying eyes
  • Do not autofill your PartyCasino username/password on your login screen
  • Create a separate operating system account for the kids – and keep yours password-protected
  • Never leave your computer unattended during a gaming session

The Difference Between Responsible and Problem Gaming

As you read through PartyCasino’s Responsible Gaming section, you’ll also learn how to recognise unhealthy gaming behaviours. In short, if your gaming is negatively affecting your relationships, your work, or your finances, you may have a problem.

PartyCasino also sets out behaviours consistent with responsible gaming. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Gaming should always be fun
  • Set a limit and stay within it
  • Never play under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Do not play (or continue to play) if you are tilted, depressed, or are not of sound mind

If you feel that you may have a problem, check out Health-E Gambling, a gambling addiction resource jointly operated by Harvard University and UNLV. On this site, you’ll find tools that will help you manage and address any gaming issues you may have.

Deposit Limits

It’s easy to say that you’ll limit your losses to x pounds. But, ten minutes later, after hitting a cold streak, you’re reaching for your card again. This scenario can happen to anyone, and it is dangerous. Many of the biggest losses incurred by gamers occur when said gamer decides to chase their losses.

To guard against this, we strongly recommend setting a deposit limit. In your PartyCasino account, you can set daily, weekly, and monthly limits that will restrict the amount you can deposit. When you reach these marks, you’ll have to wait until the term runs out before you can reload again.

Time Outs/Self-Exclusion

Eventually, we all need a break from the tables. Losing for extended periods can take its toll. Or sometimes, life intervenes, and we need to focus our attention elsewhere. In these cases, time-outs can prevent you from logging onto PartyCasino. Periods from 24 hours to six weeks are available, giving the time you need away from online gaming.

However, some problems may necessitate an even longer break. To protect affected gamers, PartyCasino offers self-exclusion periods starting from six months. Each period self-renews for an additional six months, unless the customer speaks with customer support. If, after consulting the player, PartyCasino deems them fit to play, they’ll regain access to their account.

Online Gaming Should be Entertaining

Playing games of chance should generate excitement, anticipation, thrills, and joy. If, instead, they create negative emotions, then you should log off. By using PartyCasino’s Responsible Gaming tools, you can help prevent problem behaviours from taking root.

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