4ThePlayer Casino Provider: The Biggest Factor of Making a Slot Is Fun!

author By Rob McLauchlan on 21/10/2020

Only two years old you can really say 4ThePlayer is a new kid on the block but the supplier has already launched six innovative titles with two new ones being added to the portfolio recently. BonusFinder spoke to 4ThePlayer’s Henry McLean about its most recent launch 2 Gods – Zeus vs Thor, and what we can expect from the up and coming supplier in the next few months.

You are a fairly new studio with a growing portfolio of games and I see that you have just launched 2 Gods – Zeus vs Thor which featured 4ThePlayer’s unique and innovative DUAL SPIN™

Could you tell us a bit about that?

Firstly, great to speak to you BonusFinder!

DUAL SPIN™ gives the player two spin buttons to choose from a Red one and a Blue one, if any wins match the colour of the spin its doubled – this could be a small win or an epic win, they all get doubled. The feature gets even more exciting in the Win Spin bonus where for every correct guess the multiplier increases. We have seen some pretty lucky players choose correctly and had great fun with this feature.

Where does the inspiration for your slots come from?

We look at many places when looking for inspiration, including the gaming industry – we play a lot of games. However, we also spend a lot of time looking outside our industry to see what other people in the wider entertainment industry are doing. For example, what blockbuster films are scheduled for release next year, what themes are there?

What’s your main focus when developing a new game?

The focus for us, as our name might suggest is the player. We want to create those memorable and exciting entertainment experiences. We are all players ourselves which helps, so we know what we would want in a game and more importantly what we wouldn’t.

For example look at the RTP’s of our games 😉

How do you best ensure that your slots appeal to beginners, intermediate, and more experienced players?

Good question, we try to ensure our games are always straightforward and easy to ‘get’.

Yes, we love innovation like two spin buttons, but we try to ensure players can easily understand what they need to do. This is done via simple splash screens as well as a lot of test play and feedback before release.

In a lot of games these days players can be confused, wondering what they need to collect or do to win, we try to ensure that is never the case with our games and all players can enjoy them.

What do you think are the key factors that make your games appreciated by players?

There are a lot of key factors that all combine into making the perfect online casino slot, however, we think the biggest factor is fun! We want players to enjoy our games, obviously part of that is winning but there is so much more to create that perfect storm.

What is your own personal favourite title in your portfolio (or a competitor if you prefer)?

That is an extremely hard question to answer, it would be like asking a parent to choose their favorite child.

However, as you asked… 6 Wild Sharks is one of my favorites – simple because you can customise the bonus round by trading free spins for Locked Wilds, setting your volatility.

Sometimes I like to play super volatile and have one spin while sometimes I prefer to let it run and leave my 15 spins. Also, the advanced mode is great fun, buying locked wilds, and seeing what happens.

What is the most important aspect of the game from your perspective?

The most important aspect of the game is math, as no matter how good the game looks the math is what drives the experience and creates those memories.

Think of it like a car – imagine if you had a Porsche 911, it looked amazing and sounded superb but under the bonnet was an old rusty Ford engine, would it be the same experience – I don’t think so.

What can we expect from 4ThePlayer in the coming months? Any more exciting titles?

Yes, we are currently working on our next game 123 Boom – an innovative Pirate themed twist on cascading games, removing the frustration, and adding more excitement. This game has more potential explosions that we have seen in any other game….

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